To Our Most Welcome Guests


We are so glad to have you with us. If you haven’t worshipped with us before, here is some information to familiarize you with our services. They usually last about an hour and a half. During our weekend services, we engage in worship and praise that typically involves singing, sharing the Lord’s Supper, receiving an offering, preaching and teaching and a time of ministry and prayer.


You will notice that our singing on Sunday morning is without instrumental accompaniment. There is a rich and beautiful tradition of a capella worship in Christian history that we use as our expression for singing praises during Sunday morning worship. During Saturday night service, we sing and worship with the accompaniment of instrumental music. We use a mixture of live music and a variety of different worship videos.


At every weekend service, we share the Lord’s Supper. For those that have given their lives to following Jesus, communion is such a special meal to share with one another. As we break and eat a piece of the bread and drink a small cup of the juice, we remember the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. We remember the price that had to be paid in order for sin and death to be defeated, and for humanity to be brought back into a place of wholeness with God. There are no special requirements that need to be met in order for you to share the Lord’s Supper with us. Everyone is welcome to the table. During Sunday mornings, trays are passed around as we sit and reflect. On Saturday nights, we are invited to gather around the communion table to be served the bread and the cup.


Living generously is a guiding principle in our lives. We recognize that every resource we have is a gift from God. For us, part of that recognition is giving back a portion of our finances. Every service, including our services for the teens, we provide an opportunity for people to make a financial gift. These contributions support our ministries and help us meet some real basic needs in our community.


We spend time preaching and teaching during our services. We believe the Bible is God’s Word to us, so we preach and teach from the Bible.


The call of every follower of Jesus is to love and to serve radically. Towards the end of each service, we offer a time where people are free to move around and encourage, bless, pray for and minister to each other. Serving each other through ministry and prayer cannot be limited only to those formally recognized as ministers, elders or deacons; it must be the normal way of life for all Christians. Our hope is that during our time of ministry and prayer, you will be both blessed and find courage to minister and pray for all those around you in everyday life.